Childrens Poems and Stories

A stoyteller and poet in the Irish tradition, Molly's original children's poetry is quirky, funny, hugely entertaining and will keep the kids mesmorised for hours on end.

Molly is available as a childrens storyteller and poet for festivals and community events in Ireland and the UK. If you are intested in discussing this please contact Molly via her UK agent.

New book: The Dragons of Jelly Mountain

The Dragons of Jelly Mountain - Molly GowenThis whacky, colourful, and witty tale ­­follows Dandelion the dragon down into the depths of the volcano on Jelly Mountain, a place where her father, Oxymoron, had told her she must never go.

Packed with adventure, memorable poems and cosmic tomfoolery this book is sure to leave children wide-eyed and wonderstruck.

You can buy a copy online today at

Sample material to whet the appetite...

The Old Lady

You know the old lady who swallowed a fly?
I’ll tell you for nothing, she never did die.
I met her this morning in Burton on Trent,
She was cursing and swearing and pitching her tent.

She told me it started way back in July,
The day that she swallowed that infamous fly,
Her life changed completely, her hair went bright green,
With fizzing explosions, a terrible scene....


Aaagh!  Oooh!
Oh. No!
I hate that Henrietta,
she gets dry and I get wetter.

Rain is falling, rain is lashing,
I’m all wet, my teeth are gnashing.

I am cold and I am frozen,
I wish I had put rainy clothes on.

I’ll  get that Henrietta,
she gets dry and I get wetter.
Down, down with Henrietta....

The Moon

The moon is made of mouldy cheese,
The sun of liquid fire,
The moon will melt and drip to Earth
And make the mountains higher....